After doing the Imupro food sensitivity test, I was overwhelmed with everything that I couldn't eat.  I realised that there wasn't much in the market that could cater for my food allergies and had to create healthy, free-from meals and snacks from scratch.

All our meals and snacks are prepared by our qualified chef Nell in our small kitchen in Durban, under strict safety practices.

Together, Nell and I form a powerhouse team at FreeFromFood, and our mission is to take all the worry about researching, planning and preparing meals away from you. 

We have fun in the kitchen creating, testing (yes, eating) and cooking great quality food.  At least one day in the week is set aside to create a new dish, without compromising on our no dairy, gluten and egg (and any other food allergy that you can throw at us). This provides you with a wide variety of new dishes and flavours, that are based on seasonality and food trends. 

Let us liberate you. 

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Christine & Nell