R 72.00

Blackbean and chickpea patties served with a broccoli brown rice and a homemade tomato relish.  A plant-based meal lovers dream.

Serves: 1

Portion size: 300 g

Ingredients: Blackbean, chickpeas, quinoa, sweet potato, butternut, red onion, onion, broccoli, tomato, rice, gluten-free oats, olive oil, maple syrup, cumin, origanum, basil, coriander, cayenne pepper, garlic, tomato paste, lemon juice, salt.

Heating Instructions: Defrost, remove lid and place in a microwave safe dish, heat for 2 - 3 minutes.

Typical Nutritional Information (per portion): Calories 377, Carbs 70g, Protein 15g, Fat 4g.

Blackbean & Chickpea Patties
R 72.00

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